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Support to Members

Support Services Aligned with AFOCSC’s Mission

French-language school communities that are AFOCSC members benefit from our services and resources:

  • Review and analysis of provincial regulations and legislation
  • Leadership and information on school funding issues
  • Information sharing to facilitate understanding and response to government initiatives as they are implemented
  • Meetings and information workshops to help school trustees exercise their political roles
  • Professional development and forum for political discussion at our Annual General Meetings

Other Support Services

AFOCSC devotes time and resources to a range of activities and initiatives that align with its own mission. Some of these include:

  • Professional and faith development activities for trustees;
  • Regional meetings with trustees to discuss local concerns;
  • Production of materials and participation in initiatives to promote French-language Catholic education;
  • Help in coordinating World Catholicism Week activities in French-language Catholic schools;
  • Development of partnerships in collaboration with the Ontario Catholic Education Partnership Table and its Anglophone counterpart, the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE).